Usdaw welcomes that the Job Retention Scheme is to be based on average pay and calls on employers to top up pay to 100%

Retail trade union Usdaw has welcomed the Government listening to their calls to base the Job Retention Scheme on average pay, rather than contractual pay, which for many in retail is often lower. Usdaw has called on employers to top up their workers' pay to 100% of average earnings, so that low-paid workers are not left out of pocket.

Usdaw welcomes Next taking the responsible decision to close down their warehouse and distribution operations until further notice

Retail trade union Usdaw has welcomed that fashion retailer Next has listened to their workforce and agreed to close their warehouse & distribution operations until further notice. Usdaw believes the Government should be agreeing that non-essential online retail should cease trading in the same way that it told high street non-food shops to close earlier this week.