Unemployment in north east has risen by 6000 in the last year

Commenting on today’s ONS figures Northern TUC Regional Secretary Beth Farhat said:

“Whilst there will be a great deal of celebrating and back-slapping in some quarters after today’s figures which show a rise in regional employment for the last three months, it is a bitter pill to swallow when closer inspection reveals a rise in unemployment which is six times greater over the year. Clearly, this doesn’t demonstrate a ‘recovery’ by any yardstick.

“There are also several other factors which undermine this seemingly good news; nationally, under-employment is at a record high of 1.45 million, workers are suffering the longest real wage squeeze in over a century and unfortunately, where there are new jobs the TUC Low Pay Recovery report found that 80% of net job creation since 2010 has taken place in industries where the average wage is less than £8 per hour.  Job quality is falling and is now close to a 20 year low. 

“We need better jobs and healthier pay rises to tackle the living standards crisis and ensure the full benefits of any recovery reach our workers.”


- Today’s ONS figures can be accessed here: http://www.ons.gov.uk/ons/rel/subnational-labour/regional-labour-market-statistics/november-2013/rft-lm-table-hi01-north-east-november-2013.xls

ONS unemployment in the North East:

July-Sept 2012: 127,000
July-Sept 2013: 133,000

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