Invitation to Tender – Trade Union Education: Developing a New Approach

TUC Education are inviting tenders for an e-learning instructional designer to undertake the design and development of a high quality, engaging and creative web based e-learning course.

Project outline

TUC Education is looking to commission an e-learning specialist to develop an innovative approach to the delivery of its online education programme for union representatives and union professionals.

The main objective of the project is to enhance the delivery of the online version of TUC Education’s flagship course Union Representatives Stage 1 in order that it provides UK based workplace representatives with the essential skills and knowledge they require.

Jim Hanna legacy

TUC Education is in receipt of a bequest in memory of Jim Hanna, a former colleague here at the TUC. Jim had a strong interest in trade union education and in bringing on the next generation of trade union representatives as part of a wider commitment to social justice. Millions of workers benefit from union reps’ work, dealing with everyday problems such as safety issues, cases of harassment, redundancies, grievances, difficulties over childcare arrangements etc. Jim believed organised workplaces are safer, better and fairer and that reaching more people with the skills reps need to make this a reality would be a fitting memorial for him.


The deadline for receipt of tenders is 12 noon on Wednesday 15th January 2014.


Answers to specific queries and advice given will be added below.

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Questions regarding particular aspects of this Invitation to Tender or any other matter relating to the tender should be directed to Craig Hawkins

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