TUC comment on DWP ‘Saving for retirement’ research report

Commenting on the DWP report “Saving For Retirement: Implications of pensions reforms on financial incentives to save for retirement” published today (Thursday), TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber said: “This rigorous research shows that the great bulk of people are likely to be better off in retirement when auto-enrolment into an employer scheme or a personal account starts in 2012.

TUC on February interest rates decision

Commenting on the Bank of England's decision today (Thursday) to cut interest rates to one per cent, TUC Head of Economic and Social Affairs Adam Lent said: “This was the correct decision and the one the markets expected. The priority now must be to get the high street banks to pass on this cut without delay to businesses and homeowners. Failure to do so will end up prolonging the economic downturn.”

Unite’s statement on the Lindsey Oil Refinery dispute

Welcoming the decision, Unite joint general secretary, Derek Simpson said, "This is a good deal which establishes the principle of fair access for UK workers on British construction projects. We now expect other companies in the construction industry to level the playing field for UK workers. The workers involved in the unofficial strike can now get back to work.